Registration for Summer Programs and Fall 2018

Tuesday, June 19th            4:00-7:00

Wednesday, June 20th     3:00-5:00

Thursday, June 21st          4:00-6:00

Tuesday, June 26th          4:00-7:00

Thursday, June 28th         4:00-7:00

Wednesday, July 11th       4:30-6:30  New addition!!!

A table has been set up at SSOD with lost/left items from the show at the Arts and Culture Centre and we have a few hoodies and shorts for sale! Items not collected by June 28th will be donated. The Fall Schedule is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! Pre-registration helps us solidify the schedule and ensure our continuing dancers get priority placement. If you are interested in ADDING a new dance style, pre-register to ensure it makes it to the fall schedule. 


The Sorensen School of Dance is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) protected facility. We are very pleased to have this very important piece of equipment at our dance school.



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