Registration Form 2017

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Calendar of Events

January 4 Studio Reopens for 2017
January 28 Friends of India Performance
March 28 Term 2 Ends

June 4-10 Year End Recitals

Meet Our 2016-2017
Performing Group Dancers

Mikayla Harding

Lauren House

Samantha Johnson

Allison Jeon

Abigail Joyce

 Janini Kosanam

Alyta Langmead

Courtney Langmead

Carmen McNeill

Rebecca MacNeill

Cecilia Martino

Leila McCrate

Claire McGrath

Marissa Moores

Charlotte Muise

Carly Norris

Adriana Nunes

Claire O’Brien

Laura Parrell

Emily Pike

Madeline Roche

Emily Samson

Abi Schwartz

Emma Schwartz

Megan Spencer        

Crystal Taylor

Ella Vivian

Hilary Walbourne

Lily Cunningham

Sophie Fitzgerald

Amber Giles

Ava Gogal

Hilary Gosse

Sarah Hann

Ella Antle

Mary Antle

Emily Antle

Morgan Avery

Claire Battcock

Allyson Borgaonkar

Claire Borgaonker

Shannon Breen

Briana Bugden

Erica Budgell

Sarah Burton

Clea Chapman

Greta Colford

Julia Cass

Kristina Collins

Nicole Spencer


Congratulations to you all!!!!!