The studio premises on Torday Road were originally constructed in 1996. After renting properties since the school's inception back in 1986, I really wanted to build my own facility and have a permanent home. So, in 1996, the building was designed, constructed, and opened at 435 Torbay Road!


In 2010, the facility was renovated and an extension was added to the school. The studio has two dance floors, one quite large with hardwood flooring. The other is a lovely size which is sprung with a rosco dance floor. Both have extensive barres and, of course, mirrors. Although I chose not to have a “viewing window”, the studio waiting room is very large for those parents/guardians who choose to stay and wait while their child dances. The school has a change area for the dancers and two washroom facilities. The staff has a kitchen, separate eating area and private washoom. Of course, there is a general office for registration andmeetings and a great storage area for costumes and props, etc.
We invite you to consider our lovely facility as yet another reason to choose Sorensen School of Dance for your child's dance training.