Registration continues for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 dance year! Drop by and visit the school during these times:

Tuesday, July 2 4:00-5:45

Tuesday, July 9 4:00-5:45

Remember our summer dance camp with Ms. Clea Chapman ( year 3 student attending the National Ballet School’s teacher training program ) is July 29-August 2nd!!

Registration for the fall and this camp is open to New and Continuing Dancers. If you can’t wait ( as it can get busy ) email the studio sorensenschool@nf.aibn.com and arrange a set appointment time!!! There’s also a Drop Box by the office to leave your name and contact information! Looking forward to seeing you all!

Performing Group Results…Congratulations to….

Grades 4-6 Grades 7-9 Grades 10-12

Mia Cunningham Emily Pike Emma Schwartz

Julia Haley Rebecca MacNeill Mikayla Harding

Madeline Deleon Erica Budgell Ella Antle

Sara Schoch Jane Comerford Mary Antle

Avery Abbott Claire O’Brien Abi Schwartz

Hannah Walsh Emily Antle Nikki Spencer

Clara Sullivan Silvi Ivardi Maddie Roche

Anna London Janani Kosanam Marissa Moores

Lauren Riggs Kayla Jackman Charlotte Muise

Ava Jane Fowler Leila McCrate Emily Dormody

Lily Cunningham

Sarah Hann

Grade 4-6 Alternates:

Georgia Mercer

Alyssa Hann


The Sorensen School of Dance is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) protected facility. We are very pleased to have this very important piece of equipment at our dance school.



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