The studio offers a full range of dance styles for students ranging from ages 2 to adult. We have a variety of levels of classes ranging from the absolute novice to those preparing to become certified as dance teachers. We recommend class choices based on age, experience and the student's level of training.



These classes are designed to introduce the young dancer to basic ballet fundamentals while encouraging the development of their creative abilities. The class is 30 minutes long and incorporates action songs, body awareness, basic posture and musicality. At these ages, we aim to designate each age group so the two year olds are in one group, the threes in another and the fours in another. We prefer not to group the children all into one class as physically and cognitively, they are at very different stages of their development. Occasionally exceptions are made at the discretion of the Artistic Director and senior staff. We restrict our class sizes to no more than 12 in a class at this age, to ensure that the children get individualized attention and of course let's not forget fun! It's very important to encourage the child's first experience with dance to be a positive one.

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This 30-40 minute class is a nice progression from the Tiny TotsCreative Ballet class because it begins to develop ballet principles. Increased attention to technique, posture and creative expression are incorporated. Again, we restrict our class size to only 12 dancers per class at this age. Classes are open to both beginner and continuing students.

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Ballet classes are geared to children ages 7 and over who may not have been exposed to a ballet class or may be a seasoned ballet student wanting to take their ballet exposure to a more technical level. The Sorensen School of Dance offers a variety of classes, at a variety of levels to meet the needs of the beginner or more experienced dancer. At this point, we are very keen to place children who want to study ballet in their appropriate class level. Although age is a factor, the level of training and experience as a ballet dancer is also important in ensuring that each child is dancing at an appropriate level. Classes range from 40 minutes to 90 minutes in length. More serious students can be prepared for examinations under the Cecchetti Society of Canada syllabi. 

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Pointe (ages 12 & older)

The studio has a very strict policy for students who study pointe. Students must be registered for two ballet classes at the Sorensen School of Dance, in addition to their pointe class. Ideally, one of the two classes should be an examination/technical class. In exceptional cases, two freestyle ballet classes may be permitted. A dancers overall training, technique, sense of centre, body alignment and placement are essential. Foot and ankle strength, class attendance and overall strength help to ensure the dancer's safety. Children need to be a minimum of age 12, before they are even considered for pointe work. Students are monitored very closely and if a weakness or concern is identified, the student may be asked to withdraw from class. The risk of injury to dancers who are either too young, or not strong enough to wear pointe shoes is foremost in our decision to admit a student to the art of pointe.

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Jazz classes are available for students ages 7 and up. Class length ranges from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, again depending on the age and level of the class. Jazz classes are broken into two sections the warm-up section and dance section. These classes are intended to be fun, but still very much based on encouraging technique and posture while using popular music, and dance steps that turn, jump, pop and reflect the dance trends of the time. We restrict these classes to no more than 18 students per class.

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Tap classes are available for students from age 4 to adult and again range in class length from 30 to 75 minutes. Tap encourages the development of intricate footwork to a variety of music and tempos. Students are exposed to developing coordination, rhythm and a sense of musicality in a fun way! These classes incorporate many styles of music and encourage talking with your feet! ISTD tap examination classes are available. Tap truly is conversation with your feet!!!!

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Hip Hop (ages 7+)


This very popular dance genre is open to ages 7 and up. However, it really isn't until age 12 that the true elements that hip hop is known for can be truly explored. Hip Hop classes range in length from 45-75 minutes and as with the jazz classes, always incorporate a warm up. Hip Hop explores isolation of body, sharp and smooth technique and highly intricate choreography. A variety of levels are available from beginner to advanced.

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Modern classes are not to be confused with ballroom or social dance, modern is often referred to as contemporary dance. This class is open to students ages 7 and up and is its own unique style incorporating the technique and feel of both ballet and jazz. It is designed to develop posture, alignment and strength while experimenting with fall, use of weight, rebound and suspension. Again, this is a technically based class that incorporates ballet fundamentals and exposure to a variety of music and dance styles. Examination classes are also available to students with the ISTD

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Jazz Funk is a high energy, more commercial based genre of dance which incorporates elements from both Hip Hop and Jazz. A subgenre of jazz, this class is more appropriate for the more mature dancer as it incorporates choreography that's sassy, edgey and sure to bring out your inner Diva!

LATIN JAZZ (ages 11+)

Latin Jazz is a genre of Jazz with Latin American rhythms. It combines Jazz technique fused with elements of the Mambo, Cha Cha, Bosa Nova and Salsa! This class is sure to make your hips move while encouraging a smooth sense of style. 

Examination Classes

The studio offers a very extensive range of exam classes in Cecchetti Ballet, ISTD Modern and ISTD Tap. These classes are offered in addition to freestyle classes and are geared to the student who wants to become more technically proficient and who may wish to work towards examinations offered by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. The syllabus work ranges from Primary to Associate level classes. We are very proud of the number of students who enrol in theses exam classes and eventually go on to attaining their teaching credentials in all three disciplines.Admission to these classes are assessed on the student's ability and training, and not their age or peers. Admission is at the discretion of the Artistic Director and senior staff. Just another option available at Sorensen School of Dance!!